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CL Spectrum Imaging
Captures a z stack of images acquired at various wavelengths of the CL Spectrometer.
version:20151007, v1.0
D. R. G. Mitchell
Thanks to Dr Mitchell Nancarrow for testing this script and providing suggestions for improvements.
The z stack which this script acquires can be manipulated using the Stack Alignment script. The SITools package can be used for extracting spectral data.


System Requirements
This script has been tested using GMS 2.31 with Gatan MonoCL 4 and DigiScan II hardware. Compatibility with other systems is unknown.
Known Issues
There is no drift correction in this script, as typically magnifications are very low. In the event that some drift occurs, then it can be corrected using the Stack Alignment script. Obviously, the CL signal is pretty weak and acquisition times per frame can be very long (tens of seconds), leading to stack acquisitions times of an hour or more. Some preliminary spectroscopy should be carried out in point mode to identify the spectral range of interest, to narrow this down to a manageable level. Given the resolution of most CL active materials, there is little advantage in using very small wavelength increments (eg 5nm), but it will be rather system dependent.
Yes - but if your hardware is different to the above then it may not be possible for me to assist you.
Included Files
Main script.
Source Code

see attached script