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A suite of software tools with which to process spectra and Spectrum Images.
version:20160903, v4.0
D. R. G. Mitchell
Based on Gatan's spectrum image processing and EELS software.

These tools enable spectrum image processing remote from the computer hosting Gatan's SI and EELS plugins. Typically this software is associated with a microscope, and so this causes difficulty gaining access when another user is on the instrument. Visitors to high performance microscopy centres can acquire this type of data but typically do not have access to the relevant plugins on their home PC. These tools are designed to process spectra and spectrum images captured using Gatan's SI suite. They do not supplant the need for such software as no acquisition tools are included herein.

Updates in v4.0. This is a hugely expanded suite of scripts. It now includes a lot more EELS functionality and has expanded to two menus - SITools and SISpectrum. The latter contains many EELS spectrum (and spectrum image) processing functions. There is still some functionality to come - such as deconvoluting plural scattering - look for the next release. If you wish to do quantitative analysis, then you will still require Gatan's EELS plugin.

The zip archive contains two plugins: one for each of the new menus and a detailed manual.

System Requirements
Tested on GMS 1.83 running under XP and GMS 2.3 running under Windows 10. It should be compatible with most versions. Not tested (or supported) on GMS 3 - but should work.
Known Issues
These tools are generally designed for use with EELS spectra and spectrum images. However, many of the tools will also work with EDS spectra/spectrum images. If in doubt try it and see. This has been a huge amount of work and as a one-man band in my spare time, there is only so much testing I can do. Please consider this to be a beta release. If you find bugs or have suggestions for improvements, please get in touch. If you are bug reporting, please send the data file which causes the problem along with your software versions (OS and DM) and a very detailed description of the steps required to generate the issue.
Included Files
zip archive containing two packages of scripts (simply copy the SITools.gtk and the SISpectrum.gtk files to the plugins folder). Detailed instructions are provided.
Source Code

See attached zip archive.