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Set EELS Experimental Conditions
Saves EELS experimental conditions (alpha and beta) to the local computer and allows them to be applied to spectra or spectral images.
version:20160121, v1.0
D. R. G. Mitchell

EELS experimental conditions are the Convergence (alpha) and Collection (beta) semi-angles. These are set within the online (microscope attached) DigitalMicrograph and are applied to every spectrum and spectrum image acquired thereafter. However, if these values are incorrect, they can be edited manually by right clicking on the spectrum/spectrum image and editing the Spectrometer Info. This script makes that easier by allowing the user to save three sets of conditions (Imaging, Diffraction and Scanning). These sets can be recalled and applied to the front-most spectrum/spectrum image with a click of a button. The values are also easily edited and resaved.

A check is made and an alert given if the mode in which the spectrum/spectrum image was acquired (Imaging, Diffraction, Scanning) does not match that of the settings being applied. This alert can be ignored if necessary.


System Requirements
Tested on GMS 2.3 but should work with earlier versions.
Known Issues

This is designed to be used in an offline installation of DigitalMicrograph ie one not connected to the microscope. It is possible to set DM to automatically set alpha and beta on the basis of the microscope setup. In which case any saved values set with this script might get overwritten by DM.

Included Files
Source code
Source Code

See attached script