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Save all as .dm3 with a common name and counter
Saves all open images in Gatan .dm3 format, with a common name and counter.
version:20131228, v1.0
D. R. G. Mitchell
This script is only compatible with GMS 2 - where it can be used to save files as .dm3 for use in GMS 1.
System Requirements
Only compatible with GMS 2, but can be converted to be compatible with both GMSes by editing one line of code - as indicated in the script.
Known Issues
Included Files
Main script file.
Source Code

// Script to save all the currently open images in .dm3 format into a folder of choice.

// Images are saved with a user-selected name and a incrementing counter.

// Note this script uses the saveasgatan3() function (near the end of the script).

// This function is only compatible with GMS 2. This script may be useful when acquiring data

// in GMS 2, but where processing offline is to be done using GMS 1.

// To convert this script to work in both GMS 1 and 2, simply change the saveasgatan3() function to

// saveasgatan(). This latter function will save in .dm3 format in GMS 1 and .dm4 format in GMS 2.


// version:20131228, v1.0, (remove the nospam to make this work)

// D. R. G. Mitchell,, December 2013


// function to close all open images


void CloseAllOpenimages()


number nodocs=countdocumentwindowsoftype(5)

if(nodocs==0) return


number i

for(i = 0; i <nodocs; i++)


ImageDocument imgDoc = GetImageDocument( 0 )





// function which takes the passed in number (value) and pads it with zeroes out to the length specified in PadOutTo

// returns the padded number as a string. eg value=27, PadOutTo=5 returns the string "00027"


string PadWithZeroes(number value, number PadOutTo)


string startstring=""+value

number stringlen=len(startstring)






return startstring




// function to show all hidden images


void showallhiddenimages()


// variables


number nodocs,shown, hidden, imgdocid, counter

number i

imagedocument imgdoc



// count the number of image documents - this includes both shown and hidden ones

// and delete any temporary tag information which may have been left over from last time.

shown=Countdocumentwindowsoftype(5) // images currently shown

nodocs=countimagedocuments() // all image documents, including hidden ones

hidden=nodocs-shown // the number of hidden images

deletepersistentnote("Show Hidden Temp")



// Image documents are indexed (0,1,2 . . . ) in the following manner

// Front-most shown image (0) then the image shown behind that (1) etc.

// Hidden images appear at the end of the stacking sequence. The last image in the sequence is the last

// image to be hidden. In the Window menu, hidden images have a 'h' next to them.

// Hidden images have indexes which run top to bottom in this menu. If there are only 3 image documents

// open and all three are hidden, then the top one in the 'Window' menu will have an index of 0

// next down 1, and the last will have an index of 2. If there are four image documents open, one is shown

// and three are hidden, the hidden image documents are indexed 1,2 and 3 ie

// Shown images

// Front most - index = 0

// behind front - index = 1

// rear most - index = n = number of shown imagedocuments-1

// Hidden images

// First to be hidden - index n+1

// Last to be hidden - index number of imagedocuments-1


// Get the IDs of the hidden image documents

for(i=shown; i<nodocs; i++)




setpersistentnumbernote("Show Hidden Temp:Image "+counter,imgdocid)





// loop to display all the hidden image documents in a stacked sequence.

number j


for(j=hidden-1; j>-1; j--) // loop through the number of hidden image documents


getpersistentnumbernote("Show Hidden Temp:Image "+j,imgdocid)






// Remove the temporary tags


deletepersistentnote("Show Hidden Temp")



// Main Program



// Count the number of open document windows


number nodocs=countdocumentwindowsoftype(5)



showalert("Please ensure at least one image is displayed.",2)





// Source the front-most image and set up the save directory


image temp:=getfrontimage()

string imgname=getname(temp)

if(!getstring("Enter the common name for the images?", imgname, imgname)) exit(0)


number startingnumber=1

if(!getnumber("Enter starting file number:",startingnumber, startingnumber)) exit(0)

string currentpath, currentdirectory

if(!SaveAsDialog("Save As",imgname,currentpath))exit(0)



// Main processing loop to save the images whilst incrementing the counter part of the filename


number i

string newname, startstring


for(i=0; i<nodocs; i++)


image front:=getfrontimage()

startstring=PadWithZeroes(startingnumber, 3)


string thisname=imgname+"-"+startstring

string thispath=pathconcatenate(currentdirectory, thisname)

saveasgatan3(front, thispath)






showalert(""+nodocs+" images saved to: "+currentdirectory,2)


if(twobuttondialog("Close all open images?","No","Yes")) exit(0)

else closeallopenimages()