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Report Image Magnifications
Reports the TEM and STEM magnifications used to acquire a folder of images.
version:20150224, v2.0
D. R. G. Mitchell

When carrying out a systematic study on a series of specimens, it is desirable to record images at the same magnifications, to facilitate subsequent comparison. This script will interrogate the contents of a folder of DigitalMicrograph images (either .dm3 or .dm4) and report the magnifications used. Duplicate magnfications are not reported. Magnifications are sorted into TEM and STEM (if using DigiScan to acquire STEM images). Camera lengths from diffraction patterns are reported with the TEM data. All data are sorted from lowest to highest. Note any files which are not .dm3 or .dm4 are ignored. Nested folders containing DM images are ignored. You must select one DM file from within the folder you wish to analyse.

Updated in v2.0 to report the number of images at each magnification and the total number of images analysed and the number skipped (non .dm3 or .dm4 files).

System Requirements
Tested on GMS 2.x - but should be compatible with GMS 1.x
Known Issues

There seems to have been a change in the tag format used to label STEM images: eg the tags STEM and SCANNING have both been used. This script will identify both types. Also, camera lengths are reported (with TEM data). JEOL systems use cm, whereas mm are used in FEI systems. At the start of the script is a divisor called 'unitspreference'. By default this is set to 10 to convert mm to cm. Change its value to 1 to report in mm.

Included Files
Single script file.
Source Code

See attached script file.