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Package Creator

Script to create a package installer-updater called Package Creator. This creates packages of scripts from a default folder of scripts without the need to resort to scripting. Scripts can be selected from the default folder and installed as menu items, sub-menu items or library files. Spacer bars can also be added to menus. The advantage of using packages, as opposed to installing individual scripts, is that packages can be more easily updated and the ordering of scripts in menus easily maintained. With individually installed scripts there is no easy way of checking to see if the most current versions of scripts are installed. This package creator includes a robust version control and update system, and permits easy sharing of package configurations between PCs. This script was recently updated (v1.5->2) to improve functionality and fix some bugs.


version:20090409, build 090409-2a

D. R. G. Mitchell and B. Schaffer
An extensive set of instructions with some tutorials on how to use Package Creator are included in the downloadable zip archive.
System Requirements
This dialog-based script will require DigitalMicrograph versions 1.7 or later.
Known Issues
There are some known issues with this script - see the instructions for details.
Included Files
Instructions and tutorials are included in the zip archive as a pdf file.
Source Code
Contained in the downloadable zip archive.