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Live Image Simulator
Script to create a continuously updating/changing image using a background thread.
version:20160816, v1.0
D. R. G. Mitchell

Developing microscope-based acquisition scripts is difficult, since instruments are invariably busy. This script runs a background thread which causes a continuously changing image to be displayed. Use this script to do offline development and testing of scripts which are designed to 'grab' the front-most live image from a microscope. Once the offline script development is complete, final testing on a microscope should be relatively quick and painless.

The script runs in a loop updating the front-most image a given number of cycles (defined by the Cycles variable in the main script function). The image size and the delay between each update can also be edited in the Main script function at the end of the script. The thread can be terminated early by holding down the SPACE bar.

System Requirements
Should be compatible with all recent versions of DigitalMicrograph.
Known Issues

The script runs in background, so running other scripts and DM functionality should work fine.

Included Files
Main script file.
Source Code

see attached script.