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Grating Tools
A suite of scripts with which to automate measurement of images (SEM or Optical) of diffraction gratings or other regular periodic structures.
version:20150802, v1.0
D. R. G. Mitchell
I developed this a long time ago to help a user automate some measurements. It turned out that he felt his manual measurement method was a bit more accurate than this automated one. So it languished. The scripts are presented as-is. There is a help file which explains what to do. Basically, an image with lines on it is opened in DM. A script can adjust the rotation of the image to ensure the lines of the grating are horizontal. The measurement scripts then extract the distances between the various lines. It was rather a specialised measurement - but the scripts may be a good starting point for anyone with a specific measurement task to code up.
System Requirements
Should be compatible with all recent versions of DigitalMicrograph.
Known Issues
I haven't looked at these scripts for three years - so I am a bit vague as to details. If you need assistance I'll do my best.
Included Files
A zip archive containing 6 scripts - including a help file.
Source Code
see the attached scripts