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Function: Recursive Refinement
This function will remove outliers from a set of data recursively, until a target standard deviation is reached or minimum number of points remains.
version:20160725, v1.0
D. R. G. Mitchell
Automated data measurement methods will always produce some scatter and the occasional major outlier. Recursive refinement of such data to remove the largest outliers is often useful. This function takes a set of data values (in the form of a 1D image) and refines it recursively. The largest outlier is removed and the standard deviation (as a percentage of the mean) is calculated. The refinement is repeated until this error is below the target error or a minimum number of points has been reached.
System Requirements
Should be compatible with all recent versions of DigitalMicrograph.
Known Issues
Included Files
Main script file.
Source Code

See attached script file.