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Function: Read Bruker EDS Spectrum text file
A function which will read in a Bruker EDS spectrum file which has been exported in text format.
version:20160702, v1.1
D. R. G. Mitchell
Thanks to Joana Polednia for testing this script.

Simply point at the saved text file and it is read into a spectrum. To export Bruker EDS spectral data from Esprit into MSA format requires an additional Esprit plugin, but the text format option comes as standard with that software.

Updated in v1.1: Esprit has various language variants. The headers in an exported text file appear in whatever language is being used. This version has been updated to make it aware of the German language as well as English. If you want other language variants added, please send me a spectrum exported in .txt format in the language you are using.

System Requirements
Tested on GMS 2.x, but should be compatible all recent versions.
Known Issues
Included Files
Main script file.
Source Code

See the attached script