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Faux DigiScan Library
A library of DigiScan commands to enable script development of DigiScan-based scripts without working at a microscope system.
version:20160112, v1.0
D. R. G. Mitchell

This script can be installed as a library in a DM installation which is not connected to a microscope. Most DigiScan commands invoked will return appropriate data and show a response in the Results/Output Window. This enables all the initial script development to be done without tying up valuable microscope resources.

Alternatively, the script can simply be inserted as a series of function definitions at the start of the script. However, such included definitions must be removed before attempting to test on a real DigiScan system

System Requirements
Tested on GMS 2.3. The command set is current for that software. Some commands are in this set are relatively new and will not be supported on earlier GMSes ie just because the script works with this library, does not mean it will work with your (older) hardware/software.
Known Issues

Any DigiScan parameters returned, such as scan paramters, are obviously arbitrary. So this Library will not give you fully functioning script. Extensive testing and, if background threading is used, thread timing, will have to be worked on on a real system, to account for such things as real acquisition times, hardware overheads etc.

Included Files
Source code
Source Code

See attached script