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A suite of tools which allow calibration, enhancement, formatting and measurement of selected area electron diffraction patterns, as well as calculation of simple crystallographic data.
Version 4.0 July 2016
D. R. G. Mitchell.
Miloslav Klinger's method of fitting Gaussians to find spots is used here to in the newly added AutoDiff utility for automatically measuing single crystal spot patterns. Check out Miloslav's great suite of free diffraction software at:

This suite of tools has been described in: DiffTools: Electron diffraction software tools for DigitalMicrographâ„¢, D. R. G. Mitchell, Microscopy Research and Technique, 71 (2008) 588-593. Instructions are included in the zip archive. Contact the author for a copy, if your library does not have it.

Some new functionality has been added. The new AutoDiff capability will automatically located diffraction spots in a single crystal pattern. The spots are identified, labelled, the d-spacings measured and a list of spacings produced.

System Requirements
Compatible with GMS 1.8 and GMS 2.
Known Issues
Tested on GMS 1 under XP, and in GMS 2.3 under Windows 10. It should be compatible with all versions of DM/Windows.
Included Files
Plugin file containing all the script functionality, some test diffraction patterns, an instruction manual and an uninstaller script are contained in a zip archive.
Source Code
Supplied as a plugin file, so source code is not available.