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CHT Diffraction Analysis
Performs circular Hough transform-based automatic measurement of polycrystalline ring diffraction patterns.
version:20170708, v3.1
D. R. G. Mitchell

Dr Bernhard Schaffer is thanked for provision of a pixel sorting routine which was incorporated into the dll which accompanies the script. Shixin Wang, Pavel Potapov and Bernhard Schaffer are thanked for assistance in developing the interactive sub-dialog.

This script was described in this article.
System Requirements
This software has been updated to be compatible with all GMS variants, including GMS 3.
Known Issues
This script needs a dll installed. The main script is compatible with all GMS variants. However, version-specific plugins are provided in the package and detailed installation and operation instructions are provided. This update fixes an issue with an unhandled exception in GMS 3 which caused DM to quit. Aside from small changes to deal with this issue, there are no major changes in this version, and existing users of this software should not upgrade to this version (unless they wish to migrate to GMS 3 from an earlier version).
Included Files
Main script, dll file, test images and instructions as a zip archive.
Source Code
Provided in the zip archive.