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Change JEOL TEM Screen Page
Provides toolbar buttons to select various pages on the JEOL in-built control screen, raise and lower the fluorescent screen and update the calibration on a Live View image.
version:20170221, v2.0
D. R. G. Mitchell

This script is designed to be installed as a library (File/Install Script/Library). When DM is launched, this button palette will be added to the list of floating windows in the Gatan 'Windows/Floating WIndows' menu automatically. When launched from there, it can be installed in one of the vertical toolbars, just like any other Gatan tool. Alternatively, two lines of the script can be edited (instructions in the script), and it can then be installed as a regular script into a menu of your choosing. When launched it behaves like any other script floating dialog - but cannot be docked in the vertical toolbars.

The rationale for this script is that one frequently needs to swap between pages 1 and 3 on the small TEM control screen and this can be clunky, as cabinet doors must be closed to open the TEM drawer and access the keyboard - which seems to miss every second key stroke. Here, the buttons are easily accessed through DM. Buttons to raise and lower the fluorescent screen of the microscope are included. The JEOL screen button often bounces causing the screen to raise, then lower immediately. This tool overcomes that issue.

Updated in this version is a new button which polls the microscope to get the current magnification. If a Live View image is front-most, then its calibration will be updated. This is useful, since the microscope (being serial), only gets polled for the magnification once - when the Live View is activated. If the magnification is subsequently changed, the calibration on the Live View does not update. The button avoids the necessity of stopping and starting the Live View in order to update the image's calibration.

System Requirements
Tested on GMS 2.3, but should be compatible with GMS 1.x. Note, this tool is designed to be used with older JEOL microscopes, which use serial communication - such as the JEOL 2000/3000, 2010/3010 series of instruments. It will not be compatible with such systems if FasTEM is installed. It is not compatible with JEOL 1400, 2100, 2200 and ARM system, which use ethernet communication.
Known Issues

Serial communication between DigitalMicrograph and the microscope is required - the microscope must be in external control mode (type EXT 1 at the JEOL keyboard).

The code is fairly transparent, and so it should be possible for anyone to edit the script to edit what the buttons (ScrUp, ScrDn, P1, P3, PRT (PRTEST M2) do. If you need assistance in modifying any code, please contact the author.

Included Files
Single script file.
Source Code

See attached script file.